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Discipleship Centre (DC) was established in the year 1974. Since then the NGO is working towards sustainable development of marginalized communities at a national level. Over the past DC has responded to most of the disasters / natural calamities that have occurred in the country through the provision of immediate relief thus providing prompt help to the afflicted. The response has always been one of building hope, standing with the afflicted and the marginalized in their hour of acute grief and pain. Based on the long standing needs of a community affected by a disaster the blurred line of relief is broken down and together with the people, DC facilitates in rebuilding the lost world of the poor through need based interventions. DC’s target has always been the most underprivileged and needy with special focus on the needs of women, children and the disabled.

DC’s integrated community programs strive for sustainable development to empower the poor and the vulnerable through community participation and resource mobilization. At present development programs are being carried out in the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Orissa. DC has constructed hundreds of houses and provided boats, engines and fishing nets to around 1000 tsunami-affected families in South India apart from training the young people in computers, driving, tailoring, cell-phone repair etc. whereby they became self-employed. In every program the primary emphasis is on the capacity building of community leaders who in turn undertake to disseminate knowledge to others in the village along with the project workers.

The community-based committees are nurtured and empowered such that after the project pulls out of the area they become the future propagators of development. Through this process communities are able to stand for their rights, seek out government interventions for their respective villages and are capable of expressing their needs to concerned government officials. 

In the drought-prone areas of Rajasthan, DC has revived the traditional methods of water harvesting like ponds, check dams and underground cisterns. Move land is now cultivated with considerable increase in agricultural yields. This is having a positive impact on poverty reduction. Planting of drought resistant fruit trees, fodder banks, improved agricultural methods are leading towards the goal of poverty alleviation. There is a marked reduction in stress migration from many of DC’s target villages. Effective advocacy / networking with government agencies, institutions and other NGOs provides the necessary expertise and know-how for DC’s programs and training sessions. The Disaster Risk Reduction programs of DC tackle the problems of flood prone villages in Bihar and Orissa through the dual process of capacity building and physical interventions.

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