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Since 1995, our project has witnessed the improvement in terms of health, education, Child Rights, moral and social issues in the slums of Kalyanpuri & Madanpur khadar. Discipleship Centre continues to address the target community needs through Community Based Integrated Slum Development programs. The project aims for a child friendly society by adapting various steps to link with the Community, CBOs, Educational Institutions and Government service providers. The intervention covers the following thematic areas;  

Education: Our project is helping to solve the problem of slum children who don’t go to or drop out of school. Due to DC’s intervention dropout rate reduced by 40%.  The project impacted on academic development of children. Children’s attendance improved by 75%. 3000 children benefitted through Midday meal program.  Helped 17500 children through daily tuition classes impacted the performance of children.  Bridge school conducted for 1260 tribal children. 

Health: The unhygienic conditions have given a rise to the health problem in the slums.  Malnutrition has alarming proportions in the slums. Most of the Children are suffering from Malnutrition. 60% of community taking  treatments in Government hospital. Our project provided fruits, milk, eggs, multigrain biscuits to the 250 T.B patients and scores of pregnant women. As a result 55% TB patients recovered in the target community. DC is nodal agency for Delhi TB Association. Medical camp benefited the community for a better living.  

WASH: 75% of the target community aware about WASH. After our intervention Open defecation is avoided up to 30% and 50% of families started using clean water only for drinking.  Several hand washing awareness events held for practice. DC is instrumental to get it repaired of 2 non usable sanitary complex at Kalyanpuri.

Livelihood: 400 youth and adolescent girls and boys completed skill training in Computer, Beautician, and tailoring course.100 persons facilitated with Job placement. 300 persons received adult Literacy. 15 CBO’s formed to support the implementation of events.

Policy Influence:
Discipleship Centre is networking with government officials and NGOs for the issues related to education, health and social welfare of the community. 2000 people have accessed government Entitlements like Aadhar Card, Pensions, and other policies. 40 % Community become aware about government facilities. 55% of the Community become aware of their welfare entitlements. Good rapport with Local body and stakeholders was built.

Moral Education:
As a result of moral education 80% Children’s behaviour improved, as a result positive attitude and behavioural changes among children and youth. 70% Community’s behaviour is improved particularly from frequent quarrels, fights and abusing each other.

 Protecting the rights of children: Self-defence training programme for adolescent girls in the communities conducted and 250 girl children have been trained on self-defence programme. DC works among the slum community children to enable them to exercise their rights on issues such as health and education, have livelihoods as well as working to facilitate the provision on welfare and development schemes of the government. DC strongly believes that focused attention on children, especially the girl child is essential to bring transformation in the Society.

Strategies for Implementation of the programs:

1.Community mobilization: The target community will be mobilised for intervention. The groups will be at different level.

2.Awareness    Education: Awareness education and training will be done for Health, Seasonal disease, Sanitation, Hygiene,     
3.Community Empowerment:  
Empowering women, youth, and children.

4.Case work: Case work will be done for specific clients on need basis.

5.Linking & Networking: Linking with relevant CBO’s for effective functioning. Network     with Government, Stake holders.

Relief work at Madanpur Khadar: Madanpur Khadar is a resettlement colony.  These families were resettled into this colony from their original illegally occupied settlement elsewhere in Delhi. Madanpur Khadar is a vast area. 

 The particular place Samosa Chowk is dominated by the Muslim communities with the profession of collecting the plastic scraps and transporting the same for plastic recycling production to the factory after storing the scraps in their house without knowing plastic scarps are prone to fire.  There are about 110 families livelihood are depending upon the profession.

 Unfortunately, the fire occurred on 6th May 2015 from one of the house which the plastic scarps got fore and quickly spread over all the areas.

 Samosa Chowk is not an authorized colony and 110 families houses were all made by tarpal and bamboos.  110 houses have been gutted out totally before the fire was brought under control.  In addition to their belongings these families had hired horses for the transportation of the plastic scarps.  Out of 5 horses 2 horses died on the spot along with  2 children of the community. 

 After discussion with the affected people and local leaders it was found that the current need is for utensils and shelter material. The local government was providing the immediate need of food.

Discipleship Centre has helped 110 families to resettle back into normal life through provision of Shelter materials and a set of utensils consisting of following items:

  • Two aluminium vessel with cover,
  • 4 steel Glasses,
  • 4 steel Bowl,
  • 4 Thalis (plates) and
  • Two big spoons.
Success  Stories Madanpur khadar: Ms.Neha 16 is years old girl child. She lives in A-2 block, Door no: 615. Her father Mr.Chhote Lal  is a driver, but he did not have job for some time. Her mother  Mrs.Manju  sells cosmetics  in a small cart. Neha has a brother and two sister’s.  In the month of May 2015 she was anaemic. She became weak, not able to continue her studies and stopped going to school .  

 During field visit our staff learnt about the Neha’s  family situation  and visited  her house  and gathered  information. They were going through difficulties and  was in a  very bad shape. They didn’t have enough sources for food and Neha’s treatment.  Amidst   her mother also suffering with typhoid.  We brought Neha to our centre and started showing  attention care of her health. We provided her with nutritious food and supported with medicines i.e. iron tablets etc to improve her hemoglobin. We enrolled Neha in our project as beneficiary motivated and her mother to send Neha to tuition classes regularly.  The project started motivating her family.  With continuously cared, and supplied the medicines. After few weeks Neha  recovered and become healthy. After some time her mother also became well. Now Neha and her family live like a united and happy family. They are very thankful to  Discipleship Centre for timely assistance.   


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