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Utter Pradesh


Aligarh Community Development Program Implementation of the activities in Chandous block – Aligarh.
Uttar Pradesh is India's fifth largest and the most populous state. The state is located in the north-western part of the country. It spreads over a large area, and the plains of the state are quite distinctly different to the high mountains in the north. Uttar Pradesh is bounded by Nepal on the North, Uttrakhand on the north-east, Himachal Pradesh on the north-west, Haryana on the west, Rajasthan on the south-west, Madhya Pradesh on the south and south-west, and Bihar on the east. The state is Situated between 23°52'N and 31°28'N latitudes and 77°3' and 84°39'E longitudes


  • Formation and Strengthening of Community Based organizations
  • Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Agriculture Development
  • Staff Development
Aligarh Community Development Program (Jan – June 2010)

 Good governance - 51 VDC members were trained on Leadership and management training. The VDCs from two villages succeeded in bringing in the MNREGA scheme for the benefit of their villages and to monitor the implementation of the same.

 - 61 drop out children from the NFE centres were admitted into the mainstream. 6 tuition centers are well functioning across 6 target villages of Chandous block. 250 drop out children is attending the classes. 250 children received text books for Hindi, English and Maths along with school stationary such as note books, pencils and erasers. The books and stationary was an added incentive to the children to study better. Children from the six tuition centers celebrated Republic day at their respective villages. Each centre put up a cultural program that included the singing of patriotic songs, folk dances, and skits.

 Bal Panchayat 
- 40 balpanchayat members were trained on the various government schemes that fall under the block level panchayat and means of assessing the same.

 Women Empowerment 
- 20 new members were sent for a cross cultural exposure visit to an NGO in Kher block. The 20 members from new groups observed the MED activities of SHGs functioning in village Sujanpur of Kher block in Aligarh district. Some of the enterprises they got to see were the production of vermicompost, spice preparation and packaging and dona units. 78 SHG women members were trained on leadership and management skills. 26 self help groups are well functioning in the target villages. The eleven groups linked with banks are handling the transactions independently. These groups have received cash credit limits from banks and are repaying the loans on a regular basis. 15 SHGs will be linked with the local banks and are in the process of submitting proposals for cash credit limits. An SHG in village Bagyana is on to soap making and production of vermin -compost. Women are earning through these enterprises.

- 20 TBAs were trained at the government hospital in Chandous block. The medical officer In-charge and the staff nurse from govt. hospital were the resource persons for the training. 48 ANC /PNC sessions were conducted by the community health workers and health volunteers working in the 10 target villages. Project health workers with the government ASHA workers were instrumental in motivating 133 pregnant women for institutional deliveries. All the women underwent safe deliveries in government hospitals The percentage of deliveries attended by the TBAs is decreasing as mostly women from the villages have started to use the facilities of government hospital for deliveries. Of the total 58 deliveries that took place only 17 deliveries were conducted by the TBAs.

The number of people availing government health services is improving. People readily seek the services of government hospitals. Deliveries are referred to government hospitals by project health volunteers and government ASHA workers. The services in the block level government hospital at Chandous have improved and the number of patients reporting at the OPD has increased. There is less dependence on private doctors. Timely immunization through the ANMs and the social mobilization support from the project has improved the health of the people and they are very much aware of good health practices.

 Impact and Sustainability Analysis
 - The VDCs from the 5 new villages are functioning very efficiently and are fully capable of handling the social and development issues pertaining to their respective villages. The VDC and the balpanchayat members have been able to stop the child marriage in a village. The VDCs are involved in the MNREGA program, selection of beneficiaries, employment program and the vulnerable groups got a benefit of 100 days labor.

Dropout/ nonschool going children from 3 villages that do not have a project NFE centre were identified for a summer camp that was conducted during the month of June. 80 children who attended the camp were motivated to join the mainstream and were registered into government schools. From our NFE centres, 61 dropout children were readmitted into formal schools. The balpanchayat members helped in the achievement of this activity. Scanty rainfall has affected agricultural yield and most of the Rabi crop got destroyed. Small/ marginal farmers were badly affected. However those farmers using vermicompost were able to save their crops since the plants were hardier and were able to withstand the near-drought situation in a better manner. The training provided through the project helped the farmers to go in for crop rotation and alternative crops. Several farmers have ploughed and readied their fields for crops such as dal, pulses, vegetables and pearl millets (Bajra).

The new CHC (Community Health Center) has started functioning in Chandous block. More number of people from the target villages avail the services of this centre. The project has developed a good rapport with the doctors and para medical staff attached to the CHC are now more cooperative to the project and talk about the good work of this project. Routine immunization of children is improving as the community mothers accept the health programs and participate on a regular basis. Project health workers are fully capable of networking with government health providers and this has resulted in improved health and hygiene. The Exposure visit organized for the self help groups have motivated the members seek economic independence through micro-enterprises. This has motivated 15 SHGs to submit proposals for linking their respective groups to banks for availing cash credits. Women from other villages that are not part of our target areas are being motivated to form SHGs.

 Lessons Learnt
 - The Banjara community and the village development committee of Shobanagla were able to fight for their rights and dignity by taking back the pond which was taken by the higher caste villagers in the past years. Balpanchyat members were able to stop the child marriage of a girl with the help of the local community in village Bhavapur. The Balpanchayat members in all the target villages can become powerful change agents

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