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You are light in the Lord ……………Ephesians 5:8 
Discipleship Centre (DC) is so faithful to the Lord and it is His Grace, DC has been sailing by fulfilling the Vision and Mission of the organization and showing the Light to the communities and continually striving to bring changes in the life of downtrodden and the under privileged. During the year, Discipleship Centre had imparted many training programmes in health, education, wash and DRR to the slum communities and children. HIV/AIDs and TB patients were counselled and remedial measures promptly taken by our staff. DC is witnessing the growth of the communities and children in our target areas. More lights are focussed on sanitation to prevent seasonal diseases as prevention is better than cure. We appreciate the coordination extended to us by the communities as the children of Discipleship Centre educated their parents to keep their premises neat and clean. 

“A generous man will himself be blessed” Proverbs 22:9. “God loves a cheerful giver.” II Corinthians 9:7.
At this juncture I sincerely thank all our donors for having supported us over the years to render uninterrupted services to the poor/deserved children and communities. My humble petition is please uplift DC with your grants and donations.

My sincere thanks to all my colleagues and my co-worker for their good works and keeping the flag of the organization flying. 
I am indebted to the support of Chairman and all the Board of Governors who enabled me to work for DC without fear and favour. I do remember all the stakeholders of DC in my prayer. 
I surrender to the Lord with all my mind and soul and pray to the Lord to take DC as a Global organization in the coming days. May the Dear Lord bless us to be more faithful to DC and the Society.

 Mr. A. Murugesan
 Executive Director


We are served helpless people since 1974
with trust and we are happy

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